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Welcome to the new message baord for DGD!  I was just getting back from church early today on this Sunday afternoon and figured I would add it to the Disc Golf Devotionals site.  I've viewed other boards, now defunct or rarely used, that relayed a glimmer of disc golfers eager to express their faith to others.  While I typed this welcome, my local Facebook message thread relayed messages of many players seeking a round on this beautiful Spring morning.

It was such a sharp contrast between faithful Christians and others seemingly oblivious in their daily lives of the graces bestowed upon us.

Just peering outside at the erupting beauty Spring offers brings an overpowering feeling of gratitude and appreciation to the God who makes it all happen!  Springtime brings new beginnings, new life, and new hope for the future.  For me, Sunday mornings are a time of worship and thankfulness for all the blessings I've received.  For me, Sunday mornings are the same as Springtime.  They are a time to refresh and prepare for the week ahead.

Disc golf has it's place in all our hearts, but first and foremost should credit where where is due for the enjoyment the sport offers.  For me, and many others, Sunday mornings is that time.  There is still plenty of opportunity to get a round in later, but 

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