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Why Devotionals for Disc Golf?

In today’s world, we are bombarded daily with viewpoints on politics, advertising, social media, and a slew of other propaganda.  Organizations are diligently working to “sell us” their brand or ideology.  We are targeted with information from all directions in an effort to tell us what to think, what to do, and how to act!   Finding the real truth can be frustrating.

Scripture has been the guiding light for mankind a couple thousand years but is easily overlooked and neglected in the fast-paced, materialistic world we live today.  However, it is God’s Word that has led man for centuries and offers us the truth and guidance for our lives.

Through personal experience I have witnessed many a disc golfer seeking their way in life.  They may be searching for acceptance within larger circles, undetermined goals, or establishing a career.  Or maybe,  just a friendly ear to share their story.   The anecdotes within DGD were composed with these individuals in mind … simple, quick, and hopefully entertaining stories based on Scripture and how it’s all intertwined as a recipe on how to live.

Whether you’re disc golfer of fifthteen or fifty, Disc Golf Devotionals offers a reminder of God’s ongoing guidance, grace, love, and compassion.

As you go through rounds on the course, or anytime in our daily lives, it is my hope these reminders may enlighten and bless for you and others within your circle.

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